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An intimate Indian Greek Wedding at Lincoln Registry Office - Kostas & Mehareen

Updated: Jan 19, 2023

Indian bride and greek groom holding hands and walking towards the camera in the gardens of Lincoln Cathedral

Firstly, can we have a moment for this dress?

My mouth literally dropped as Mehareen walked out of the cottage they rented and stepped out into the sunlight. When I tell you she sparkled, I mean she literally sparkled. Truly phenomenal dress that I believe came all the way from India, brought over by her brother!

They rented Arch Cottage, a beautiful quaint place, aptly located next to Newport Arch in uphill Lincoln to get ready for their day. It is a handy 15 minute walk from the Lincoln Registry Office but be warned if you're wearing heels as the walk down is rather steep! You do thankfully get to avoid Steep Hill but you instead have Danesgate to contend with.

I actually only had first contact with this lovely couple 2 weeks prior to their wedding day but I could not have been happier to get such a last minute booking. I met them both and their immediate families at the cottage where everyone was getting ready and we got to get a few couple portraits around the cottage before heading down to the ceremony at Lincoln Registry Office.

Something I truly love about small intimate weddings is that I really get to get stuck in and capture everyone there. The ceremony's are always incredibly heartwarming too and this one was no exception! Even I was in tears, which if you know me at all probably doesn't come as much of a shock... Give me all of the personalised written vows and I'm a puddle of tears in the corner. I promise I'll still be photographing all your friends and family weeping too though. Can't miss out on those teary shots!

After the ceremony I got to hitch a lift up to the cathedral for some couple portraits in the deans green at Lincoln Cathedral. It was newly landscaped a couple years ago and members of the public are now able to go and enjoy the stunning space for the first time in 40 years. If you're peckish I highly recommend the Lincoln Cathedral Cafe too, located within the gates of the Deans Green. Great for kids, plenty of room for prams (always my biggest concern) and the food is great! Not to mention the cake!

I have been lucky enough to capture six different couples in this location from April to December and I can honestly say that the gardens look stunning all. year. round. There are, of course, many other incredible places uphill to get some great shots including 'Steep Hill' (and yes, that is literally the road name, many of my friends back home never believed me. It also very much lives up to its name. You've bene warned.), Lincoln Castle, Temple Gardens and The Arboretum (see a lockdown wedding I shot here).

I could go on for days but I'll stop there for your sakes.

Now, go have a gander at this stunning day and you can revel in that beautiful dress with me!

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