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Hartsholme Park Pre Wedding Shoot - Andy & Beks

Couple in front of a lilac tree for their pre wedding shoot at Hartsholme Park in Lincoln

I met up with the wonderful Andy and Beks at the lovely Hartsholme Country Park in Lincoln for their pre wedding shoot. Hartsholme is one of my favourite places to go with my own family (my daughter always requests to "go the park with the wobbly side mummy!"), so it's safe to say I know this place well!

I initially met Andy at the University of Lincoln where we both went to study back in 2011 (feeling old over here...). So, when he reached out to me at the beginning of this year to tell me he was engaged and would I photograph their wedding, I was overjoyed. It's always such an honour to photograph a wedding for someone you've known so long. His fiancee, Beks, is one of the amazing NHS troopers we are so lucky to have (qualifying in 2020 no less!).

We were graced with a beautiful sunny day, with the occasional cloud cover to make the photographer in me happy! With over 200 acres to explore, Hartsholme Park is a truly wonderful backdrop for a pre wedding shoot, with landscaped gardens, woodlands, grasslands and a large reservoir it's hard to choose where to take photographs. You'll notice we were also lucky enough to go when the lilac trees are in bloom and, my word, are they a thing of beauty! If you're an avid camper, I've also heard its a lovely place to camp too! More information here if that tickles your fancy.

Very much looking forward to their wedding in August this year at Bridge Central Church with a laid back reception at the stunning Fen Farm, complete, I have been told, with bouncy castle and the incredible Daisy Made ice cream.

I will now stop waffling on and you can get to what you're actually interested in, the photos!

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