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Stapleford Woods Anniversary Shoot - Cal & Jess

Female sitting on husbands lap whilst sitting on a log at their anniversary shoot in Stapleford Woods in Lincolnshire

In April of this year I met up with my wonderful friends Cal and Jess at the beautiful Stapleford Woods near Newark on Trent in Lincolnshire. Did we get lost on the way? Absolutely. But at least this time my car didn't almost get stuck in a ditch... (I'm looking at you husband mine). Stapleford Woods is a beautiful area of ancient woodland and forest covering 750 acres with a surfaced easy access trail to make it smooth for prams and wheelchairs alike! Would hugely recommend visiting for a nice easy walk on the weekend. There is a free car park a little ways from the entrance that your sat nav will likely take you. I've found it particularly difficult to find but I promise it's there! Here's a link that may be useful.

After being unable to attend their wedding in the USA back in summer of 2019 I wanted to gift them something special so off we went for a two hour stroll in the woods whilst I pointed my camera in their faces and made them laugh. It's more enjoyable than it sounds I promise! If you're ever wondering what happens on a couple shoot, I essentially just try and make an absolute fool out of myself in order to make you giggle. Capturing real emotion like that is my favourite and always makes for THE best photos.

Just goes to show you don't need a special event to get photographs with your favourite person. Come out, have a walk and I can promise to make you laugh at least AT me, but hopefully with me too.


If you’re ever stuck on where to have your shoot done in Lincolnshire there are some seriously beautiful locations out there!

Here’s a list to get you started, along with some previous work of mine:

And now, onto the photos!

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